Current Stores: 1



Usage: Cosmetic

Operations: NSW

Current Stores: 1

Size: Kiosk: 70-100sqm

Location: Shopping Centres

Requirements: High Foot Traffic

Client Manager: Damon Smith

Introstem was created after years of research. It’s a skincare line built on the science of two incredible ingredients that not only restore a youthful complexion but also repair your skin on a cellular level. Introstem incorporates nature and infuses science into our signature formulations to turn back time. The formulas used throughout the Introstem line are built around Grape Seed Stem Cells and Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil.

The science behind these remarkable ingredients, combined with a variety of proven skin-fortifying extracts & nutrients, works to effectively repair skin, restore a youthful complexion and help slow progressive aging.

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  • Warringah Mall