CEO & Founder

Likes: Single Malt Whiskey, Rugby Union & Retail Innovation

With over 30 years of experience in the retail sector, Michael Amler is an integral part of the team at Verimark. 

Michael believes in the importance of retail innovation, and one of his many strengths is listening to the needs of each business so it can truly reach its full potential.

Michael Amler

Client Manager

Likes: Movies, Fashion & Shopping

Angela with a 10+ year background in retail is a valuable asset to the team at Verimark.

She is highly motivated and career driven with exceptional organisation skills who thrives on hard work and making things happen.

Angela Aldini

Client Manager

Likes: Beach Walks, Sports & Movies

Rhiane’s background is hospitality for the past 20+ years and brings a wealth of knowledge on client management, customer service and project management. She loves a challenge, learns from every new experience and takes any opportunity to grow and develop business skills. As a natural leader, she will work cohesively with a team or business t achieve set goals and meet objectives to a specified time and budget.

Rhiane Ball

Social Media Advisor

Likes: Sports, Travel, Different Cultures & Music

With a bachelor degree in business and sports management at the International College of Management, Sydney. Robbie is head of social media for Verimark, controlling accounts and extending consumer reach and keeping all followers up to date with the latest news and information regarding all our clients.

Robbie Amler